How do I view my confirmation page and voucher

When you make a booking with SuperTravel, we send a confirmation email your way. It contains details about your booking and details on how to find other documents. Here's a walkthrough of the documents available in addition to your confirmation email:

Confirmation Page
Passengers on BookingXX
Hotel NameXX
Hotel Address
Billing Address

Hotel Phone Number
Check-in & Check-out DatesXX
Booking Date

Cancellation PolicyXX
Confirmation Number
Room Type
Board TypeXX
Special Request
Hotel Deposit
Resort Fees
Last 4 Digits of Payment Method

1. How do I find my Confirmation Page?

You can access your confirmation page, by clicking on the link in your confirmation email. The link is below your Booking Number, in a button called 'View Reservation Online'.

2. How do I find my Voucher?

  1. You can view your voucher by opening the attachment on your confirmation email.
  2. You can access your voucher by clicking the 'Print Here' button on the 'How to Check-In' section of your confirmation email.
  3. You also can access your voucher on the confirmation page, by clicking on the 'View Voucher' button in the 'How to Check-In' section.

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